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Sugarmaker's Dark Maple Syrup 375 ml

Runamok Maple

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Vermont’s finest dark robust maple syrup that has been wood fired to achieve a truly delicious and classic maple flavor. This batch of Sugarmaker’s Dark is graded as: Grade A: Dark Color - Robust Taste.

What's the difference between our signature Sugarmaker's Cut Organic Vermont Maple Syrup and Sugarmaker's Dark Vermont Maple Syrup? Sugarmaker's Cut is steam boiled organic maple syrup that is harvested at the peak of sugaring season, generally around March. Due to the time of the season it's harvested, it has an amber color and rich, balanced taste that's neither too light nor too strong.

Sugarmaker's Dark, on the other hand, is maple syrup that is collected later in the season, which results in a darker syrup with a more robust taste. This is the maple syrup for people who want all the maple flavor they can get. In addition to its later harvest, this syrup is also small-batch boiled in wood-fired evaporators, which lends to an even more nuanced flavor.

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