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Baklouti Green Chile Pepper Fused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is BACK IN STOCK!

Fernleaf Dill Infused EVOO


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Blended with one of VSOP's mild EVOOs this highly aromatic EVOO is infused with vibrant Wild Dill.  

It makes an Amazing Aioli or Tartar Sauce and is perfect for Baking delectable Herb Bread.  It is also fantastic on any type of Fish, including Salmon, Trout, Cod, Perch or Catfish.  Wonderful in Soups & Stews.

It is a true show stopper when Rubbed on Chicken or Turkey before Roasting.  Also great in Egg dishes. 

Terrific over Cucumbers, Salads, Green Beans, Potatoes or with braised White Beans.

 Perfect Pairings:

  • + Champagne DBV
  • + Pomegranate DBV
  • + Oregano WBV
  • + Sicilian Lemon WBV
  • + Suyo Cucumber WBV


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